The Best Is Yet To Come…

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I was recently in the little village of Witney, visiting my old friend Dale Olivier. I played him some of the songs I had written and he video recorded this one on his iPhone with a very cool 8mm film effect.

The poem is called The Very Best Of Me and is a short thought form that occoured to me when I looked at my life and realised that, no matter what I have already achieved, my sense of things is that the best is yet to come,. This thought form has become somewhat of a mantra for me as I seek to express the full potential of what I COULD be… I don’t even know what that is as yet, but journeys like the last few days and indeed the last month in England help me to express that idea every day.

This song has taken a lot of forms as a live performance, from a mere whisper with a driving chorus, to a full-on punk anthem belted out at full tilt. While on one level it could be read as a lament about not being where one wants to be, my hope is that the musical version exposes my true emotions: excitement, happiness and the joy of anticipating things being bigger, better, faster and me-er. Its a thought that is also explored in another one of my poems, Older Fast Wiser… maybe I should make  a video of that too!


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