The Creation Engine

The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox was released less than a month ago. None the less, I have had many queries from friends and colleagues as to what the next book is going to be all about.

Well, weirdly enough, I DO have a new project on the go… in fact two. One will definitely not result in a book and the other, well, maybe in another year or two.

Project number one is music. Since I have been in Amsterdam, I have been working on writing songs with my old mate Julian. The last couple of month we actually trimmed out the list to eight songs that we felt were workable and we are now busy bashing them into their final shapes. We have also written one new one.

In all likelihood we’ll write a bunch more and, somewhere down the line, we’ll record them and even play a few shows. But for now, it’s all about the song-writing, which is a really cool, long term and low-pressure project to have on the go.

The second creative project is a new collection of poetry. I have slowly been getting back into writing poems regularly and I am very pleased with what is emerging. It’s still early days, but a lot of them feel very different to much of what I have written before.

There is of course an entire programme of events and things still to come with The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox.

There is often a big emotional dip that comes after launching a new creative project. A few days after the adrenalin has subsided and the main excitement is over, you suddenly realise that something that has occupied a large are of mental space in your life is essentially gone… out into the world.

Luckily this time I was well-prepared for this feeling and had already spent some time thinking about what I was going to do next. There always seem to be a lot of options, but this time I decided I wanted to focus on stuff that was creative purely for myself, another chapter in my own creative catalogue as it were.

I am still not happy I have solved my issues with the novel form, and I am not feeling moved to go back to short fiction, so I decided to focus on poetry and music. The two over-lap nicely so that’ll keep me busy for a while.

As a slight post-script I must add that I am working with two talented artists in Michelle Shore and Chris (Manik) Moon to complete two new graphic short stories… But this is only a post-script because I have been struggling to find time to do what I need to do so that they can continue with their work… I will be trying to put the ball back in their court soon!

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