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Nearly 3 years ago now, I decided to pack in the attempts I had been making to create a business, live a normal life and generate a semblance of what most may consider a “successful” career. In spite of my own fears and those of the people around me, I went back to my first and only love: writing.

This wasn’t an easy or overnight process. It took nearly 4 months of reading, soul searching, asking advice and consulting any number of oracles. It also involved the end of a long term relationship and my own company. But now, nearly 3 years later, the fruits are already showing and I am a much happier person.

Since I embarked on the creative life I have published one book, completed another which is about to go to print and have a 3rd in production. I am editing a history book with a friend, am associate producer on a documentary and play regular gigs on my guitar with another friend.

It has got to the stage that sometimes I leave out projects I am working on when asked to say what I am busy with. The disbelief, envy and occasional outrage just aren’t worth it. But the point is not that I am some uber being that is creating prodigious output as a demonstration of my uniqueness. Rather it is the consequence of being full time, focused, disciplined. But most importantly, of having a vision.

Up until that point a few years back, I had lived my life in a very pleasant, reactive kind of way. I was open to anything and everything and as a result have enjoyed careers as a freelance journalist, an internet journalist, in TV post production, on live radio, in book publishing and in PR and live eventing. But after a while, reacting to opportunity becomes tiring and I began to wonder if I would ever find MY groove.

That is, until one day I decided I would just create it. I planned out the first 3 books meticulously, and draw up a time frame and a calendar, and got to work. And since then, I have established and achieved a series of goals that I work towards. You know that text book old chestnut about goal setting and time lines? I had never done it before, but now it works for me amazingly well.

So this new blog is going to be a sometime diary of my creative life. To begin with just once a week. I’ll keep you update on my life, interviews, projects, works and dreams in progress, and the amazing work of my totally brilliant circle of friends and acquaintances also out there doing their own thing.  I’m looking forward to it, and I hope you enjoy it too.

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    perfectly what i needed this morning. thank you.

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