The Creativity Kickstarter

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The Creativity Kickstarter is what it says: a session aimed at unlocking or boosting creativity. The Kickstarter helps teams that have become one dimensional, companies that need to innovate and people who feel they lack creativity in general. It is for anyone who needs to become more creative at work or in their own lives, and provides a useful refresher and trigger for creatives who are stuck in a rut.

In the Kickstarter, candidates learn more about the physiological roots of creativity in the brain. The concept of creativity is broken down and analysed to reveal simple, accessible steps to using your own creativity more.

I draw on my 25+ years of experience as a poet, song-writer, entrepreneur, marketer and blogger to share techniques, tools, hints and tricks of the trade that will help anyone wanting to become more routinely creative. Each session is customised to meet the needs and levels of the audience.

The Kickstarter can take the form of a 1-on-1 session, an in-company team build or an open group session. The tools and methods are discussed and test driven in a workshop-style session so that everyone can take away and apply whatever works for them in their own lives or business.

The sessions are great for entrepreneurs, innovators, creative industry workers, in-house teams and incubators.

“I believe everyone has the capacity for creativity. For any number of reasons, many of us think we are not. I designed the Kickstarter to break down those misconceptions and to demystify what is a necessary, powerful and liberating capability in human beings. Everyone who leaves a Kickstarter session will do so with more ideas on how to explode their ideas, be more consistently creative and better understand their own processes.”

Bookings are now available, whether you are an individual, a company group or a team.
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