The Fast Lane At The Slow Lounge

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It’s Monday again. Instead of being behind my desk in my own office as I generally like to be, I am in the FNB Slow lounge in Cape Town International airport, waiting for my flight back to the Big Naartjie, JHB.

The last few weeks have been inspiring, creative, hard work and fun in many unexpected ways. My two week holiday gave me the break from the routine of my life, and blew some fresh ideas down the corridors of my mind. Then off to Swaziland and now, this weekend, back to Cape Town for more work. While all of this was going on, my project manager Hedwig also finalised my poetry book and got it off to the printers. Various artists has completed great musical version of some of my poems and I myself have managed to complete the concept and written he content for a live show to go with the poetry anthology. In short, it’s been EPIC!

On the poetry book side, I owe a huge debt of thanks to my good friend Bill Botes. He was the one that hatched the wild crowd funding ideas to launch my poetry book. I still feel a bit weird about offering a dinner date with myself to any takers over the internet just because I published a book of poems, but you know what? It will be fun if anyone decides to take up the offer!

If you haven’t already, please head on over to and check out my website for the poetry book. The advance purchase deal is  1/3 discount on what the book will cost in-store and you will NOT be able to get the CD anywhere else, so go on, give it a go! Maybe you DO wanna go out for dinner, or book a coaching session too!

This week I will be back in Joburg sorting out the details of the 2nd half of 2012… And then I start a massive training programme for Media24 with the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism. Going to be a wild and long ride and I cannot wait!

As my life changes and morphs I am reminded of what I tell people in my workshops: Nothing you have ever done was a waste. The people I have met, old and new, the weird jobs I have had, odd experiences and places I have visited… it is all coming together like somehow, somewhere I actually did plan it all. It is a very odd sensation for someone who always thought they were just going with the flow and making it up on the fly…. But now I am old enough to WANT that sense of direction and meaning and I love it. It really does come highly recommended!

News on more travels, book launches and live shows to come, so don’t change the channel!
Happy Monday!

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