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The Fine Art Of Not Giving A S***

The Fine Art of Not Giving A S***

Why it works to ignore the haters

Everyone has an opinion when you step outside the lines of conformity. Mostly a negative one as well. Doing your own thing and blazing your own trail seems to just offend us humans on some deep, visceral level. So you need to hone the fine art of not giving a s*** to get ahead.

The History

The primary reason for this is that, for centuries at least, the survival of human beings depended on cooperation. We needed each other. We needed people to know their task, stick to it and do it predictably so that we did not all starve, get eaten or freeze to death or some other such calamity.

Then, Henry Ford came along and invented the factory assembly line which required accuracy and repetition to succeed.

Throughout our history, we are presented with examples of why conformity is of huge importance for us.


The Problem

BUT and it is a big but, total conformity will only result in more and more of the same outcomes. There will be no inventions, no innovation, and no growth. Ultimately, conformity is a doomed strategy because, while we are busy doing the same thing over and over and over, the rest of the world is in constant motion and changes… and suddenly what we were doing just doesn’t work anymore.

It is not a coincidence that many innovators were regarded as fools, risk-takers and doomed to fail. They deliberately went against the grain and sailed by their own lights to discover new things, new ways of doing things.

The Present

Now, we are faced with one of the biggest engines of conformity there is the algorithm. Algorithms are powerful because, in very little time, they can aggregate and compute huge amounts of information. This allows them to spot patterns where none were visible and make predictions based on these patterns. This is how social media algorithms keep giving you more of what you enjoy and how search engines miraculously seem to know what you are searching for.

But all of this is based on the past, on what was done already. Algorithms can only predict a future that does not deviate from the past. They have no capacity for imagination, fantasy, or deviant extrapolation.


The new Problem

When we are solely guided by data, we are doomed to repeat the pattern of the past. Again, innovation, change and growth will be confined to the limits set by what has already happened.


The Solution

We must set ourselves free from the opinions of others. All too often, they merely represent the pattern of the way things have always been done. They have no worth when considering the new ways in which things could be done.

If you want to achieve self-actualisation, fulfilment and attain your purpose in life, you're going to have to learn to find new ways of seeing and doing., And to do this, you need to ignore that baying crowds telling you your crazy.

Should you succeed and breakthrough, it will be the very same people claiming they aww all along how wonderful you were. Now that it is done, it would appear to fit the pattern… until then it is a vague unknown that threatens our sense of order.

But all order is temporary because nothing on our planet exists in isolation. Everything is part of one system or another and all systems are connected to each other. The moment you cut loose from the dictates of the past, you can change the pattern. And when you change the pattern, you can change the world.

So, do not listen to the haters… get out there and explore, find new information and make your own pattern.


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