The Future Of Your Story

workshop-storytelling-25-10-2016-amsterdam-12The Transformational Storytelling session at The Open Coop on Tuesday 25 October was not what some were expecting. Hell, it wasn’t what I was expecting and I had an overview of what was going to happen!

Claudia’s session wasn’t about storytelling…. it used storytelling to help us all see something about ourselves, our stories and how this effects how we see the world.

By simply dumping us into drawing our ideas, she pushed most of us out of our comfort zones and into a questioning place. And while taking us through a cycle of simple questions, many of us began to see priorities ignored, opportunities missed.

The value of this session lay not in what we learned about story telling but in what we learned about ourselves and our current stories.

workshop-storytelling-25-10-2016-amsterdam-9I am a goal and to-do list person. This session jolted me, revealed unexpected connections, made me think. By the end of it I could see similar realizations on other faces too.

Sometimes our expectations need to be thwarted and our needs questioned. Sometimes the future you have worked on is more or different than your to do list. Last Tuesday I saw that… I think others did too and I hope that is so.

Took me a while to write this event report because it took me a while to let this session sink in past my expectations.
I would love to hear what others felt/experienced.


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  1. Claudia

    It’s exciting to hear that my content and approach suprised you and made you think. The unexpected, unexplored, seemingly obvious questions are priceless to find fulfillment in our private and professional lives.
    In my role as thought-provoker, I enjoy blending cheerleading and challenging exercises. Growth always happens outside of your comfort zone, and I’m very proud of all participants who joined our unexpected adventure last Tuesday!

  2. David Chislett

    It was a great session!

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