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So, it’s been a quiet couple of months over this side of the swamp, as is evidenced by the lack of a recent trail of posts and marked downturn in traffic on this site. Aside from that fact that a bit of a break is always welcome this has been due mainly to me being busy with some cool but very demanding work.

As you read, I am sitting in Bloemfontein where I am for a couple of days lecturing at a music college on the business side of the music industry, as I do. This is the first real chance I have had to get out of Jozi all year, but particularly in the last 2 months. I have been working away at writing a series of training materials for a client that needs to be SETA accredited. If that sounds like fun, you’re sorely mistaken!

The training materials part is great; trying to make it speak SETA is not such fun! But it is all good. It did derail the novel writing though, which will be back on track from the 23rd. Right now, I am working with a class of ten learners going through the major music industry structures over two days so that they can understand how it all fits together, where the money comes from and where it goes… always a lot of fun, and great to see pennies dropping and eyes opening!

Back in Joburg in a couple of days and then I am doing a half day Creative Activation workshop with the PR Institute of South Africa (PRISA). I am really looking forward to his, as it is the building block of another very cool little show/presentation that I have worked up with Martin Schofield (Wonderboom, Martin Rocka, Flash Republic) and it will be nice to get back to doing some real creative work shopping with a room full of people!

So I guess this is just a short post to say that I am back and regular posting will resume shortly!
Happy Tuesday!

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