Covid Pandemic Problem

The no.1 Tip For Brands Wanting to Make an Impact in the Covid19 Pandemic

We’ve all seen it: The massive donations, the throwing open of buildings, the social media campaign, sharing of information, the sudden uptick in dormant newsletters… Brands are going mad trying to become relevant and to do good during this crisis.

Some of them are doing it well… others are just tone-deaf and ruining their reputations… which I guess is punishment enough for their greed at a time like this.

But I was thinking… there is something that no big corporate, company or brand has declared that they will do, and it is the most radical and far-reaching thing that they could do:

Pay the taxes they owe on the profits they make IN THE COUNTRIES THEY MAKE THOSE PROFITS.

Companies like Google and Facebook are well known for having very clever tax structures that really, really limit the amount of corporate tax they pay. Through where they are registered, to how they report, you name it, every trick in the book. And all legal of course


If you want ordinary people to believe you really CARE, why do that? Why not just pump money into government health care programmes via the intended route… PAY YOUR CORPORATE TAXES!

Of course, that doesn’t get your media opportunities, it doesn’t allow much spin, it doesn’t seem very glamorous and it doesn’t protect the return on investment of your shareholders. But of course, if millions of us die this will not matter. Something like this will happen again. It’s a logical effect of how we live, how we produce our food, how we travel and how we use our planet like a private disposable resource.

Why not change that thinking at the big money first? Pay your tax, use your muscle to force politicians to look after medical care and make a REAL difference to the lives of the people you are selling to.

Any takers?

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