The Quiet Life

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It has been my intention to try and blog every Friday for this while year. But I am finding that harder and harder to do. I am so engaged with process, and the things I am working on are so long term, there seems little to rant about on a week by week basis. So instead you’ve been getting increasingly existential ramblings from me, which is tiresome!

So let me tell you what I am happy about! I am happy the Springboks seem to have rediscovered how to play rugby. I am happy its spring (well, it feels like summer!). I am happy I am running so much. I am happy I have 4 books on the go at once and that I can wake up and go to work in my own house at my own pace and still earn a living. I am happy a very hard winter is over. I am happy I have good friends I can hang out with. I am happy I have cool people to work with and amazing projects to work on. I am happy I live in a beautiful place. I am a happy I am happy!

Work is coming in nicely, and in a lovely varied way. Soon a few things I have been working on will bear fruit. Right now I am trying to decide: San Francisco or Zanzibar? Ha! Dollar faiery, wave your wand please!

But seriously, not much to say. Again

Aluta continua!

  1. Michele

    Happy you are happy:):):) Must be great to be able to get up, stay in your own home and work at your own pace. I am NOT unhappy, but sometimes, I would love to live at my own pace AND not sit in horrendous traffic:):):):)
    Keep well.

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