The Road Less Weaved

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I’ll be honest here, winter was a hard one this year. Not the weather, although Joburg was in the grip of the most serious winter I had experienced in 8 years, but the work.

It’s not that the work wasn’t there, it was. It all just took so long, was so slow, took strange forms, didn’t match my clean and neat little time-line and so-called bigger picture. It was a frustrating few months where everything I looked at mutated and twisted under my gaze, causing me to reconsider what I have said I wanted, where I thought was going. It was truly a long dark tea time of the soul.

In typical Chislett form of course my response was to work harder, try more things, adapt, look, analyse, think and regroup. A couple of months of this and I was worn out, couldn’t see the wood for the tree and generally pretty pissed off. When I began to wake up wondering what I was doing, I knew things had to change

The tool I turned to this time was sleep. One week off from my punishing routine of 4:30 am wake calls and 16 hour work days. One week of getting up when I woke, not really working, hanging out at Moshito and networking. It worked. By the 4th day, my certainty had returned. By the next Monday so had my clarity and since then all sorts of interesting jig saw pieces have been falling into place.

I am discovering that everything that took place during the winter, from people I met, others I fell out with and conversations I had, were all going somewhere. Now that the sun is out and it’s a bit warmer, it’s all smoothly moving along. One lasting effect of the winter though, is that I do longer really know where it is all headed, but in the balance, I’ll take that as an outcome.

Welcome summer. I am not sure what you did with spring, but I like having you back!

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