The Road Undiscovered

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Just in case you missed the Christmas lights, the carols and so on, the end of the year is nigh.

Somewhere in early 2018 this will of course mean some changes over here on the blog… maybe a new look and feel, definitely some new content ideas and some new services.

In terms of my own creativity for 2018, my focus is going to be squarely on song-writing, poetry and short stories. Self-development wise, I will be continuing to work out how to turn my ideas for stories into actual stories with flow, plot and structure… one day when I am big maybe I can write a decent novel. For now, I seem way too pre-occupied with ideas as opposed to stories!

2017 has been a really busy and productive year. I have welcomed a baby daughter into my life, released a new book, started getting out into a new market as a speaker and a creativity activator and also gotten back into freelance writing.

Now more than ever, I am not happy to be standing still. Ever. 2017 also taught me that I really need to refine the way I talk about what I do, and this will be the project that will keep me busy between now and early 2018… how do I talk about what I do?

As a writer, trainer, speaker, poet and and and…. it is all too often easy to come across as a half-hearted grab bag, a Jack of all trades when in fact, everything I do is interlinked and inter-supporting. I just haven’t found the best way to talk about it all in an easy to grasp and digest way… I aim to change that and soon!

Otherwise, not much will change. I’ll keep blogging during the holiday season while I work this stuff out, so you’ll get to read about it and see it happening here if you stick around.

Do any of my readers have any experience of using Patreon as a platform for putting out work? I am looking into is as a hybrid platform what will allow me to disseminate music, poems, stories and illustrated stories more easily than just my website. It also is a way that I can earn some money from doing this while making it easy for people who WANT the things I make to find and get them. Any inputs/stories/experiences would be very valuable feedback for me!

If you’re just hanging on by one finger nail as the year draws to a close, hang in there. Friday December starts and things tend to either roll neatly into conclusions or go away until the next year. The next two weeks should tidy up a lot of its own clutter.
This time of year can be hard if you’re already battling.
Acknowledge that and give yourself some extra wiggle room wherever you can.
Be kind to yourselves.
Spend your smiles on strangers.
Be open to a little magic of your own making.

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