The Rock Star Rules

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Creative Ideas For Serious Success From The World Of Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll

Everyone knows that technology is driving change at a huge pace and many of us are struggling to keep up. The Rock Star Rules sessions tackle this issue head-on by examining an industry that has been battered repeatedly by fast-moving technological change and survived: The music industry.

The Rock Star Rules is a day-long workshop session where we lead you through a series of bespoke business model canvases to help you diagnose or define your business/team/unit/department.

Bring any team and we’ll use The Rock Star Rules to diagnose sticking points, understand them and find creative solutions to them.
Presented by David Chislett and Shayne Smart, The Rock Star Rules uses examples from music, drawing and interactive exercises to tease out 5 ‘rules’ for individuals and companies that can help you not only become more true to your own vision and purpose, but get ahead of the curve of change, manage your teams better and achieve more in business.

You can expect a session of music inspired introspection and analysis of your current situation coupled with a model for thinking about it that is aimed directly at positive change and the maximisation of resources. The Rock Star Rules are not a static series of Yes/No alternatives, but an approach that encourages and indeed demands, fluidity.

By examining the commonalities behind the success of Lady Gagga, John Lennon, 50cent and others, The Rock Star Rules, distils and expresses the essence, without the smoke and mirrors, lies and glamour… just the hard, business bones of how it is done and how you can do it too.

The Rock Star Rules is a full or half-day workshop process facilitated by business strategist and visual designer Shayne Smart and music industry veteran and speaker David Chislett. It identifies 5 key strategies from the music industry that have allowed the industry itself to survive the transition from being only a live industry, to recordings, to radio, through TV, into the internet and beyond. In addition, it extracts examples and ideas from successful individuals and careers to show how it can be done.

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