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The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox (EETB) is now available for FREE download as a pdf document from this very SHOP on this site!

As regular readers of this site will know, this FREE downloadable book is for anyone who earns a living without holding down a full-time job contract. I have poured my experiences as an entrepreneur for the last 23 years into the Toolbox to focus on the human element of not holding down a job: what can you expect, what should you prepare for, how do you deal with being a self-starter every single day?

It’s hard to distinguish between being an entrepreneur and being a free-lancer or working for yourself. Which one includes the other? Or are they entirely unrelated? Does the one exclude the other? In this book, they are all treated as equal. As long as you do not earn a fixed salary and have to do accounts, marketing and other tasks not directly related to your specific work, then this book is for you.

The book is just 62 pages long: It is a short and punchy manual that is both easy to read and to use as a tool when you need specific help.

This is not a business advice handbook or pocket MBA. It is designed to help anyone who works for themselves or owns their own business, deal with the very real emotional and psychological challenges that come with being a self-starter in a business world dominated by huge corporates.

The book consists of four parts of five chapters each and includes insights and advice based on my experience in the music, entertainment, media, publishing and training industries in South Africa, the UK and the Netherlands. Chapters include topics like ‘What it’s really like’, ‘The Pyjama Trap, ‘Cultivating Creativity’, and ‘Going The Extra Mile.’

I began freelancing when I was 24, and I started my first business when I was 25. I think it’s safe to say I had no idea what I was doing or letting myself in for and I made a lot of avoidable, counter-productive mistakes. And that is what I have put into this book: stuff that can help you avoid making some mistakes of your own.

The EETB  is laid-out in an easy to read template format that identifies specific challenges, unpacks the issues at play and then offers both short and long terms remedies or strategies to help address that issue.

The book is free because I wanted to remove every barrier to accessing it. This way anyone can download the book, share it copy it, send it to a friend. In short, make sure it gets to where it needs to be.

What kicks off next is a series of workshops, presentations and seminars. I will also available for custom training sessions, consultations and coaching.
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