The Two Questions

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David Chislett PoetryA lot of people have asked me how it is that I have done what I have done.
In an effort to answer those questions, over time I developed these two questions:
What do you want?
How much do you want it?

Most people are quick to answer the first question with a dream, an idea or a business.
But when we start to drill down into the second one, it becomes very clear that, while they are often aware of what is required in order to actually GET what they want, they are doing very little of it and furthermore, do not want to do certain of the required things.

This is when I say, well, you clearly do not want it. Let’s go back to question 1.
And if you’re honest with yourself, and if you cycle through a few of the things that you say you want and break down what you need to do to achieve it, how much you ARE doing to achieve it and what new things you will or will not do, you will very soon arrive at what you REALLY want!

For me, what you are already doing is a very informative thing to look at in terms of discovering what people really want for themselves. It is also a very powerful way to reveal to people that their expectations are nothing short of unrealistic.
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To take a simple example. Someone wants to be fit.
They have an exercise schedule. They try to exercise 3 times a week
But they also go out drinking 3 times a week and get very little sleep
They also routinely cancel exercise in favour of business or social activities.

It is easy to conclude that, while they would LIKE to be fit, they do not want it enough to place it in a higher order of priority than their social or work life. And that’s fair enough. But realise that is what you are doing.

Ask yourself what you want in life. Then look at what you do every day of this life and ask yourself how many things contribute towards achieving that thing. You might be horrified. Alternatively, you may be reassured that it might just happen after all.

a-body-rememberd_big1Once you have identified the thing that you want, ask yourself, what do I need to do in order to make this happen? Then map out the skills or knowledge you need to acquire, the practice you need to put in, the people you need to meet, the money you need to raise. Put them into a logical hierarchy and work your way through them.

Don’t be put off if some things seem too big to achieve. Break that big thing down into still smaller parts and go after those first.

If your map just seems way too much and you know you will never do half the things that you have listed, well, then you know you don’t really want that thing. It would just be nice if you could have it.

So remember, understanding how much you want something is the key to either achieving it or not. Saying or knowing what you want tells you very little about how much chance you have of achieving it.

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