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So today is the start of my new life in Amsterdam when it comes to a focus on work… I have been here a bit, but from today, I am starting the routine thing up again: get up and get going with some specified tasks.

Since I last blogged I have been making strong if slow progress on the re-write of the Johannesburg novel. I am also writing poetry on a regular basis again, which I haven’t done for well over 18 months. My guitar has been experiencing separation anxiety as well so I intend to off-set that with some serious time on the fret board for the first time in quite a while.

amsterdam writing view
One hell of a view to have while working

But my biggest focus by far for the next few weeks will be securing an income stream (or 3!) So I am networking furiously, phoning people, setting up meetings, firing off emails and generally trying to get a sense of where I am and what is possible. This is a well-known routine for me… the very definition of self-employment. But I am sitting over-looking a scenic gracht in the ancient and wonderful city of Amsterdam: which makes the world of difference to the process.

Thanks to Anika and Robi in Switzerland I also have a financial buffer to buy me the space and time to do this. So, given all tis, why the hell am I writing a blog? Well, this has always been a crucial part of what I do and have done. I have also been neglecting it while roving around and further, I have new inspiration and ideas. This is why having your own site and domain is so amazing: you can just change and continue…

There are some amazing events and happenings coming up in my calendar, so I will be writing about those, posting some more photos as well as commenting on my writing projects and publishing extracts. I am also making a concerted effort to focus my social media presence around my twitter feed and my facebook page (not my profile). So, if we are friends on facebook but not in the real world, it might be an idea to seek out my page and follow that. Sooner or later the profile will become closed to anyone not an actual friend in the real world. No-one will miss anything cos from now on it’s all going onto the page and only being linked to from the profile anyway.

If you are in Europe… why don’t you drop me a line? I am going to be traveling around a bit as well and am always keen to meet adventurers and free thinkers.
If you don’t already, you can follow me on Twitter here: @davidchiz

Happy Hump Day everyone!

Amsterdam bicycle
Watch out, I have a bike and I know how to use it… sorta!

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