The Wanderer Part 2

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On 17 July 2013 I posted this blog, The Wanderer part 1  So I thought it would be apt to pick up on it seeing as another year has passed since then and this weird segmentation pattern has kind of persisted.

The leavig England Hair-do
The leaving England Hair-do

Part 4 kicked off on 28 August last year. That saw me travel through Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, The Czech Republic and finally Switzerland. 3 months of around 4 or 5 days in each town, taking in the sites, meeting people, drinking beer and generally just kicking lose.

Part 5: Working in Switzerland. Well, Switzerland was never on my list but the amount I saved working at The Thatch was never going to get me around the world, so I plumped for 3 months around Europe and then stopping to work again. Due to the miracle of Facebook, I got in touch with a South African musician now married and living in Switzerland who, with her husband, owns a Ski shop in Adelboden Switzerland: Hari Sport.

The living in Switzerland look
The living in Switzerland look

Before December last year, I didn’t really know Anika and I had never met Robi so believe me when I tell you they took a hell of a chance employing me! But they did and it worked out pretty well. I am no pro skier, but I can fit you out and set you up for some skis and other gear in 20 minutes flat, and I can service and repair the skis when you bring them back!

Part 6: Once the 3 months employment was up, I gratefully seized my Swiss Francs duly earned and caught he train back to Amsterdam. For the next 3 months I sought out work (at first idly and the increasingly franticly), acclimatised to the city and started to try and learn Dutch.

Part 7: Teaching Business English. For a 3 month flat out period I spent working for a Language Institute teaching Business English to 2nd language speakers. This was a new area of teaching or training for me, and it was quite a challenge at first. But I loved it and threw myself into it wholeheartedly.

Watch out, I have a bike and I know how to use it... sorta!Amsterdam bicycle
Watch out, I have a bike and I know how to use it… sorta!Amsterdam bicycle

Part 8 Kicks off tonight when I fly to Israel with my girlfriend. We’ll be meandering around the north of the country for a few weeks visiting family and friends. Then it back to Amsterdam for one night before heading to South Africa for an epic 2 1/2 month road trip.

None of this is what I had planned when I left England in August. But isn’t that the joy of cutting lose? You CAN change and you CAN just do something new and different. I am looking forward to the next 3 months of travel immensely. And I am looking forward to coming back to my new base of Operations: Amsterdam, when those months are done. As far as what next year looks like, check in with me in December! There are ideas, but right now, no real plan!

During these 6 months in Amsterdam, I have completed a re-write of my novel (which was direly needed); started a new one (the rant novel); re-connected with the guy who taught me to play guitar and started writing new material and tried to start some kinda of business/arts network here in Amsterdam… early days on that last one though!

So, I’ll be checking in while I am travelling. You guys keep well!

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