The Wanderer pt1

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2013 for me has so far fallen into pretty neat segments of time where very distinct things happened… and it looks like this is set to continue til the end.

* Part 1: Holiday! Spent all of January and most of February goofing off in various ways and places. Awesome. After all that training I did in 2012, I really needed it
* Part 2: Winding up my life. Spent March and April selling my stuff off, giving it away or storing it, saying goodbye to people and getting my affairs in order with banks etc.
* Part 3: Working at the Old Thatch Inn from May til end August. Wow, what a learning curve on a personal level (more about that later)
* Part 4: Europe. I just bought my train ticket from London to Barcelona. I will spend a few days in Barca before heading to my friend Jonah’s wedding nearby on 1 and 2 September. From there… well, from there it gets interesting!

For readers of this blog, this is where it will start to get really interesting. I have a vague idea of where in Europe I want to go, but no time-line or fixed dates or plans. So France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and the Cheq Republic are all on the cards I just don’t know when, how or for how long. Oh and the other thing is that I am going to try and travel as far as I can without flying. In fact, I am going to try and get round the world without flying. This means I may have to stop and work (anyone wanna advertise on the blog?!?!?)

So for the next few weeks I will be seeking out contacts, friends and ideas of how to get around Europe on as little as possible and with no aeroplanes! I will walk between some cities (150km separations sounds do-able to me – one weeks walking!), bumming lifts, catching busses, borrowing bicycles and catching trains. There will be plenty of photo’s as well as reports and thoughts, probably poetry, maybe some video and voice recordings too.

But bear in mind, this all only kicks off in 6 weeks…27 August. I am just really excited as I have now bought my train ticket and the adventure, for the first time really, feels real. Even though I have already been on it for 3 months! England is just so familiar to me!

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