This Year, She Roars Already!

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Hello 2013!
Wow, a high-speed start to the year for me with some great work opportunities arising and some BIG work going into my novel. As this last day of my first full working week draws to a close, I am two things: Excited and Exhausted!

I have 1 chapter to complete and I am half-way through the novel. This second half is going to require some serious planning and some unexpected things have happened in the book so far. I am also realising that a few loose ends need to be accounted for and all roads pointed towards Rome as it were. But that is fun. And I reckon I’ll try and nail that over the weekend.

While in the writing vein, I have also turned another poem from “For You Or Someone Like You” into a song. This one sounds like it was written like a song all along anyway. And if memory serves me, it is one of those poems that I occasionally wrote that really were intended to be songs all along. So, might give that its debut outing at an open mic session next week… will see how practicing it goes over the next few days.

I am looking forward as well to establishing some regular Joburg events around my workshops and talks… I have spent so much time touring the country that I realise I have not established a permanent base of operations here in Johannesburg. So I want to change that.

BUT I do also want to get out of the city every now and then to do workshops. Do you work for a company that is invested in music? This educational initiative is perfect Corporate Social Responsibility spend… Come talk to me!

And if you live somewhere that I have not yet visited, please tell me, I wanna come! I do Creative writing as well as Music biz workshops now, so let me know… LOVE the travel!

From Monday I will be blogging more regularly too, so sign up for the newsletter updates so you don’t miss anything. You can see it right here on the right hand panel of your screen!

So, that’s me signing out for this week. Swamp Events, the organisers of the Brazen Head open Mic session made a cool highlights video of the show I played there this week with some other super talent musicians, have a good look, it really is a cool video!

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