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Once again it has been a while since I blogged… so much for my high hopes around writing and travelling! And once again it seems so much of what has been good and important has really been internal and I am therefore reluctant to share it.

I am now in Adelboden, a small ski town in the Southern Alps of Switzerland. Normal population around 4 000. Total population during Ski World Cup: 200 000. Yeah, like that. I will be here for 3 months, resting, re-fuelling, and re-filling the bank account.

The money I earned at the pub in England took me through 84 days of travelling and will last until my first pay day here in Switzerland, hopefully with some small change. I am pretty impressed. After my first two weeks in Spain and France I feared it would not last, but they were to be the most expensive places I went to, so it’s all good.

My view on day 2
My view on day 2

So what has been going on? Well, my primary emotion now that I am here and I know I am not moving for a while is relief. Not because I hated what went before but because always sleeping in a new bed, plotting and planning ever y day and constantly being in the gaze of other people (couches, backpackers etc) is tiring. I remember now that this was never how I wanted to travel: short stays in many places. But budget constraints mean this is how it ended up.

I have loved every second of it since I left the UK on August 27. But I am tired and need to re-group and re-think.

The other part is that somehow, somewhere along the line, the thing that many of you predicted has happened: I have met someone special and fallen in love. Hoo boy. Yes it’s true. I realised while in England that this was also something that I actually did still want but of course I naively assumed that this might only happen when ‘real life’ started up again at some point. Remind me to remind me that real life is what you are currently living, not some place in the future.

So yeah, I didn’t want to write about that until we had worked out what was going on and were to next. What is next is 3 months in Switzerland. Which is epic by the way! Snow, mountains, forests… and I am learning yet another new skill: ski servicing! Oh and a bit of Swiss German, and Dutch!

After that, well, you’ll have to wait until it happens. Otherwise what’s the point? You will just check in again after 3-months!

And before you all ask, no, I have not started editing the novel yet. First I am completing the overhaul of a previous book for a new idea I have had. I am almost done, so as promised, from December, the work on the novel starts!

So, in the future there will be book and work updates oh and ski-ing! I aim to learn to ski… that should be funny!
Please stay tuned… the writing shall continue!

Snow, Mountain, Sky
Snow, Mountain, Sky

  1. A. Michael Uhlmann

    Glad you are in Adelboden, a town I visited every winter in my youth for skiing. Still miss this town and its people, everybody knew everybody.
    Just one small correction – Adelboden is not situated in the Southern Alps of Switzerland – the Southern Alps are normally the mountains considered bordering the Swiss state/canton of Tessin/Ticino.
    Say hello to the Eagle in the flag of Adelboden.

    Enjoy your stay

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