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I re-booted my blog in 2015 after it had been standing mostly idle for large parts of the year. It needed a new look and I had a new purpose in my mind.

blog about meThe result was this new, more business-like skin and front page and a whole new content page. If you have been following the site recently, you will have been seeing the twin themes I have been developing: Tips for Writer and The Entrepreneurs Emotional Toolkit.

Both are ideas that have been on my mind for some time. Both are things that various people over the years have been egging me on to write.

For both reasons, I am very pleased that the new look blog has started out doing very well. After my readership flat-lined after more than a year of irregular posting, I needed some very attractive content and a firm direction to recruit new readers and hopefully regain some of the old ones. Changes in how effective Facebook is with external links and a shift in the priorities for blogging from my side have also meant changes in other places too.

blog statsWith the change from a to a .com address, the new site went live on October 8, 2015. Over that time it has had 1 112 users visit it in 1 488 sessions, delivering 2 847 page views of an average duration of 1 minute and 13 seconds and nearly 2 website pages. Of all of these visitors, 25% are returning visitors.

These are not magnificent figures by any stretch of the imagination. That’s an average of 178 sessions per week from 148 users generating a weekly average of 335 page views per week. However, coming from a base of about 20 page views per week, it represents a tidy improvement and the weekly graph is still climbing.

But what’s more exciting is the feedback: I am getting comments on facebook, LinkedIn and on the webpage itself for the first time in ages. People are getting involved, leaving insights and truly rich feedback. I am very pleased about that.

blog homeI have big plans for the site and for both of these themed blog series. I also have a couple more such series planned for the future. So please do keep visiting and keep commenting. In the new year, I will be launching some easier ways to keep up to date with the site as well.
But for now, keep up to date with:
The 1003 Writing tips by clicking here!
The Entrepreneurs Emotional Toolkit by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!

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