Two Lessons In Keeping Social Media Social

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, I suspect, I sometimes struggle to balance my social media presence/voice. I am often marketing, sharing what I do… but also often to people I know… friends, family.

A recent mistake brought this into focus for me. I have a WhatsApp broadcast group that I use to share my Medium stories… people who I know enjoy my writing, who I know, who I can pick up the phone and call.

Lesson 1: Be Friendly

Last week, I sent a message to a friend of mine, inviting them over for a chat and a beer. Except I sent the invite to the Broadcast group instead.

I was already slightly jumpy about the Broadcast. It seems quite an invasive way to spread word of something that is essentially a business activity among my friend group.

However, the reaction was a real lesson in keeping it social. Two people laughed and accepted the invite. 5 others pointed out that I had sent something in error and made jokes and I have 4 conversations with people who are in my address book but that I haven’t spoken to in ages.

Social Media is anything but anonymous, but I think sometimes it is easy to forget that and just click send. It made me stop and think about HOW I share information on other platforms as well.

Lesson 2: Walk Your Talk

That thought brought me to an article here on Medium by Josh Spector about the confirmation email that gets send out when someone subscribes to your email. Josh pointed out in his piece that this is a priceless opportunity to TALK to another human being and get to know them. But my welcome/confirmation message was as dry as a bone and could not have been more impersonal.

These two experiences in the space of a week have got me thinking about a lot of what I do on social media and how. Hence, if you subscribe to my newsletter NOW, I ask you if you have a challenge, I can give you input on… and I WILL give that input. It’s a good way to make human contact, to make it more than bits and bytes.

Keep It Real

Here on Medium, there are a lot of articles and a lot of advice about how to maximise your messaging… but making it a conversation seems to me to be the most effective of all. It takes time, it takes effort, so people know right away you mean it. It’s the best way to demonstrate that you live what you promise.

As a result, I have re-thought a lot of my social media posts recently and am committed to continuing to do so. So, if you subscribe to my newsletter now, we’ll get to know each other (if you want) and I am looking forward to that. Subscribe to my newsletter anywhere from my site

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