Unleash Your Inner Rockstar This Year-End!

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Its end of year function season and the pressure is on to find something relevant, new and interesting for your event.  The new kid on the block is the Unleash Your Inner Rockstar presentation from David Chislett and Martin Schofield.

This highly entertaining presentation combines the entrepreneurial, business and creative industries experience of author David Chislett with the performance and musical skills of Martin Schofield to create a unique corporate entertainment piece.

In a fun, dynamic and un-corporate manner, the presentation unlocks the inner business secrets of the global music industry, sharing its hidden skills, methods and process. Using live musical demonstrations, audience interaction, local and international examples, the presenters reveal how it is that big stars can seem to be so much when in fact they are just musicians. From this are extrapolated particular lessons in creativity, innovation and process for local businesses and business people.

Unleash Your Inner Rockstar
David Chislett as Elvis for YPO












Brand new on the circuit has been very well received with references available. The combination of a key business message, fun-filled presentation and personal take-outs has made it an audience favourite already. It can take the form of a 1-hour key note or a 2-3 hour interactive, workshop process depending on client needs and is fully adaptable and customisable.

David and Martin are currently taking bookings for the last quarter of 2012 and more information is available on request. For booking, availability and fee enquiries, please contact info@davidchislett.co.za

The Presenters:

David Chislett
Speaker, author, training facilitator and musician David Chislett has been in the South African entertainment industry for 25 years both as an artist and as a manager and marketing expert. He has 5 published works out on the streets with 3 more currently in production. He specialises in training artist entrepreneurs and awakening the artistic flair inside business people. He also has a background in music and performance having played in several garage bands in his youth

Martin Schofield
Guitarist, composer, record producer, music teacher and performer martin Schofield is well known as the guitarist for funk rockers Wonderboom, dance act Flash Republic and cult rockabilly band Martin Rocka and the Sickshop. With 20 years of performance, composition and teaching under his belt, Schofield understands how to break down the seeming magic of music in to bite sized pieces that can be digested, learned and perfected.

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