Unleash Your Inner Rockstar

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This week is shaping to be a monster! AS has been the case for the last 7 weeks, I am very busy with training on behalf of the IAJ with Media24. BUT I also have a couple of big things of my own going down.

Adcock Ingram
Wednesday sees the second incarnation of my business talk with Martin Schofield take place at Adcock Ingram in Midrand. Titled Unleash Your Inner Rockstar, the presentation unpacks the successes of the music industry and reveals the secrets of the music industry, demonstrating lessons that everyone and every business could definitely incorporate into their own operations to increase their own profile, success and reputation.

This is going to be a two-hour session including interaction and feedback sessions, which is going to be awesome, a bit different from what we did with YPO

For You Or Someone Like You
Once I am done in Midrand, I then hope into the trusty Jimny and head to Skoobs Theatre of Books in Montecasino where I am presenting a story-telling and music poetry night as part of the promotions for my poetry book For You Or Someone Like You. It’s going to be fun, an intimate, casual and slow affair where I will talk about my poetry and the book, play a couple of songs as well as read poems from the book. All with Q&A interaction built in as we go!

The Irish Club

That brings us to Friday which is my combined birthday party and Linden Massive Farewell at The Irish Club in Linden. I move out of my flat on Saturday and move out of Linden, so the Massive farewell is something I have to do. It is my birthday next week as well, so may as well kill two birds with one stone.

Cape Town
Then on Saturday, as I mentioned, it’s the final stages of my move. Sunday is my mother’s birthday Party and then I flay to CT to spend 2 weeks there training for the IAJ with Media24. I will also be hosting a book launch and a live performance while I am in Cape Town, but more news about that later!

It is a big week and there is much on my mind, but I am happy that these challenges continue to put me further down the road of my choice. My take on it is that if what you are doing scares you, makes you uncomfortable and challenges you, you are making good choices!

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