Walking The Wilds Of Voice

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A little over three years ago I determined I would have three books published in fairly short order, and set about making them real. One you might have read, the other is out in about a month and the 3rd, well the third got consigned to the trash heap of intent.

It’s amazing how long this can all take. My short story book, A Body Remembered” was the first to see the light of day, thanks to my friend Andrew Miller over at Ge’Ko publishing. The second is due to be “1,2,1,2 – A step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry.” Much delayed and now under a new publishing initiative, it is due out before the end of September, if not before. The 3rd was due to be Urban 04… but the plans kind of wobbled.

In the meantime, I now have an anthology of poetry in the works, a history of SA punk, a new novel and the rework of an old novel. So OK, shoot me, I didn’t make the 3 books, but this process is well under way. 3 years underway to be precise.

The point of all this rambling is that I have always been wary of plans. Anyone who told me they had a 5 year plan and began to describe exactly where they were would be side-stepped away from at parties. Then I created a plan and embarked on its course. And then I found out some interesting stuff. Much like other outcomes, it’s not a good idea to get too attached to plans. Success has an interesting way or re-routing the best of intentions, even if it is but mild. The difference now is that I have a new life that encompasses these ambitions instead of working towards them.

I guess I have some kind of system in place as well. But while all this bookish stuff has been taking place, I have also entered the new paradigm of writing for TV, making a documentary film, playing live music shows and working at a conceptual level across many media platforms… in short, I have been plotting and scheming in any many of ways about content, intellectual property and ideas and how to make them live, own them, grow them, benefit from them. It’s a very unexpected twist to the road I set foot on. A welcome, wonderful, dazzling one.

In many ways I have become quite Zen about this creative life. Which is not to say I don’t get irate when things don’t work out, but that rather, I have come to understand that I don’t know enough about what the options and possibilities are to be firmly attached to a specific outcome.

What I do now is turn up everyday and work on my ideas and plans and see where they go. I know which highway I am on at least, the turn offs will no doubt become apparent.

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