Wandering, Wondering

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Since Sunday the 6th of May I have been doing nothing except MOVE! The last 3 weeks have been exciting, thought provoking and moving and I have loved every moment of it. Moreover, it appears the rambling about aint over yet, with a return to CT imminent for this coming weekend and possibly another in the middle of the month!

My road trip holiday was amazing. I am privileged to have friends, some old, some quite new, all over the country who are amazing people and who care about being my friend. After unloading quite a few friends over the last couple of years, this was a heart warming observation to make.

Sunrise in the Karoo en-route back to JHB

Living on the road is fun, but it is also somewhat disconcerting and unsettling for someone who has lived as rigid a routine as I have for the last four years. It was an awesome chance to step outside the life I have built and look at where I have gotten to and more importantly where I want to go next. When I built that routine, I had to change my life. I needed a structure that I could lean on that would not crumble and projects that would add meaning and purpose to my life.

And here I stand, with 2 books published, one at  the printers and the fourth well under way in the writing department. I spend most of my life speaking, training or MC-ing and I am fulfilled in the creative ways I wanted. Unexpectedly, I am also playing music again and looking at additional creative projects that i had not considered. It has worked. But living out of my car and my suitcase again reminded me that there is also another David that lives in my head… one that is relaxed, chilled and more unstructured… one that likes to move and see and learn and play.

I am asking myself if the time has come to move onto the next stage. The discipline the highly structured last 4 years has returned to me is in place, I am work going and I am well engaged with this new purpose. Its an amazing-lace to be. I hope I can live a little more freely now and continue to pursue that purpose.

Once I returned from my holiday, I was home for less than 60 hours before I hit the road again, this time to Swaziland where I gave a workshop for the Bushfire Festival. This was an amazing experience. Lovely people, beautiful place and real, stirring need to information and knowledge. It was humbling and exciting. I can’t wait to go back. Then it was back to Joburg and straight away to the walk through of my role at Grand Designs Live that evening.

This is the second year that I have been the face/voice of The House Of The Future at Grand Designs Live. This requires me to perform a 15-minute demonstration twice an hour for three days… hectic work, draining and demanding but FUN! I get to people- watch and meet so many new faces. Now I have a week to work on my own projects before heading back to CT for the MIDS event on 1 and 2 June where I will be doing 4 i hour seminars on the music business…

Keep the work rolling, I am just loving this!

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