Watch Out For Attachment

Definition: affection, fondness, or sympathy for someone or something.

the attachmentAttachment to the wrong things can be really dangerous. And knowing what the wrong things are in every instance is really hard.

Luckily, there are some rules of thumb that you can apply to help you figure out MOST of the time whether you’re being incredibly resilient, persistent and bravely dogged, or whether you are blindly sticking to a course of action because you are attached to the idea behind it….

Four Attachments to be Cautious Of:
1)  Being right
No-one but no-one is right all the time. Just because you have been right before doesn’t mean you’re right this time. And besides, being wrong might actually teach you something, so don’t be so hung up on just being right. Focus rather on trying to understand what’s going on than proving your theory about what’s going on to be correct.

2) Doing things your way
We have all acquired experience from work and life and every single one of our actions is coloured by it. Be wary, however, of letting your way of doing things blind you to instances where actually, you need to learn from new experiences and bend a little. After all, would you rather get it done, or insist of doing it your way?
hold on to your dream
3) To your idea
When you’re launching your own business and chasing down your dreams, of course you want it to work and will move heaven and earth to achieving that end. But don’t be so arrogant as to just assume that ALL of your ideas are marvellous and can or must succeed. The rule of averages tells this is highly unlikely. Be ready to ask yourself the hard questions about just how good THIS idea really was.

4) Not adapting to team plans
If you’re doing any or all of the above, it means you’re not working with the team you have around you. Worst case scenario it means you don’t even Have a team around you. Listen to your checks and balances. They are there for a reason. Don’t let your ego get in the way of good business. Build a team and listen to it.

Four Problems, Four Solutions:
1) Research
Research is under-rated. Do your homework and read up on everything you can about the areas you work in and who is in it and what they do. Know your friends and understand your enemies. It will always help.

2) Honesty/check your ego
There’s a time to be stubborn and there’s a time to be honest. Watch out your ego isn’t stopping you from being honest because it’s hard to admit to a mistake. Saying sorry is way easier when you do it earlier and saves time, money and effort.

3) Listen very carefully
It really is amazing what people will tell you if you shut your mouth and listen to people talking. They will tell you why they are happy, why they are angry, what they want and how they want it. They may even tell you how to solve the problem you are facing. And if no-one is talking, the situation has a story to tell. Pay attention. Look up, look around, and stop navel gazing.

hold on4) Critical thinking
Don’t be a lazy thinker. Follow ideas to their logical conclusion instead of just stopping where you want to be or where you thought the progression ends. Follow it all the way so you can see the real consequences of your intended actions and ideas. You might be horrified and surprised, but you will save relationships, time and money if you do it.

Does a lot of the things in the last few articles sound like psychology? It should. It is. Truth is we all make mistakes because we cannot tell the difference between how we feel or see the world and what is really happening. When you are running your own business, the results of making that kind of mistake are immediate and can be disastrous. It’s actually easier to just try and avoid it by being a little less emotionally blinkered an a little more open minded.

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