Week Of Ages

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My last week of my 30’s turned out to be an epic adventure of learning, experience and growth. What more could one ask for?

The South African Music Industry Conference, MOSHITO, hired me to be part of their educational tour around Gauteng. So I spent 3 days of presenting my Start smart workshops to Township kids in Krugersdorp, Tembisa and Sebokeng.

As is always the case when doing workshops, again I think I learned as much as I taught. After so many years of dealing with up and coming musicians, I had in fact become somewhat jaded. However these township kids have so much passion, and so much knowledge. I guess I had been over-exposed to middle class suburban boys with silver spoons in their mouths who have no real hunger to make money from their music. When you come from the ghetto, it’s different. And it shows.

Moshito is making a great effort to fulfil its skills transfer and knowledge sharing mandate. It is my sincere hope that we can soon take this initiative to a national audience and tour the country doing this. Sponsors anyone?

To round off the weekend, I had a massive birthday party on Friday night and caught the train to Soccer City Soweto on Saturday to watch the Springboks snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against the All Blacks.

Our boys are so good. But individual flashes of brilliance do not win test matches. The collective will and patience of the All Blacks meant more hard lessons for us as supporters and no doubt for the team. It was also the first time ever I have heard a ref being jeered by an entire stadium. And he did deserve it. Forget the one eyedness of letting McCaw repeatedly enter from the side and bridge over the ball… just pure incompetence, missing knock ons and forward passes and generally being in the way of the game… we all laughed heartily when he got smeared in a ruck. He should never have been in the way.

The final flourish of my birthday weekend is a leisurely Sunday lunch with my nearest and dearest. Then I shall sleep for a week!

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