What’s a Creativity Kickstarter?

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Tuesday 6 September I will be hosting my first Creativity Kickstarter in Amsterdam. These are highly interactive sessions aimed at helping people to better understand their own creativity and how to access it more reliably.

It’s also for people who have never considered themselves to be creative, but suddenly have need of it… I believe everyone is creative, some of us just haven’t found our way to that door in our brains yet.

the beginningThis session will be split into 3 practical sections.
* Section 1 is all about the biological and neurological origins of creativity. It’s not magic, its brain chemistry.
* Section 2 is focusses on how, now that you know it DOES happen in your brain too, to access your own creative well on a regular and reliable basis, what do you need to do?
* Section 3 is full of tools and techniques to help you start to utilise this wonderful tool in your life: be you a painter, accountant, doctor or sportsperson.

Each section has an introduction and discussion element, before we move onto a practical exercise to help you try out the new ideas there and then. When you leave the Kickstarter, not only will you have heard some new ideas, but you will have been able to try them out as well.

This is the start of a series of sessions that we will be hosting at Transformational Story telling aimed at helping everyone uncover their inspirations and their stories and equipping them to move those ideas out into the world as art, products, businesses and more.

We look forward to seeing some new faces and some returning friends at these sessions.017

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