When I am Old / Everything Hurts

When I Am Old

Anton is a prodigiously creative person: musician, writer, multimedia guy.

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When I am Old

When I am old and grey
I will be much as I am today
People will look at me differently
Expect different things of me
Politeness from the office clerk
No-one will want to give me work
Invisible as the day is long
My mind ignored in my swansong

And yet by then, it seems to me
I’ll know more than ever, be more free
Have seen so many changes
Been through all the ranges
Working hard in all the seasons
I will have finally conquered my demons
And all that will matter is my age
A direction to head off-stage

Why do we want to live longer
When anyone old is rejected for stronger?
We want to stay young, not live long
We’ve got the wrong end of the song
We value the meat, not the grey matter
What gets better? Only the latter
One might have poured wisdom into long books
But now no-one looks


Everything Hurts

You might've thought by now
I would have drunk myself to death
A fall, a fight, a car around a pole
But instead, I continue to stutter forward
Because of
Everything hurts
From my toes through to my back
To the guilt I harbour
For still being alive
For being happy
For getting away
You can’t escape your paradigm because
Wherever you go,
There you are

Teaching an old dog tricks
Has turned out
Surprisingly rewarding
It’s just the ghost of who I was
That wakes me up bawling
Everything hurts
Muscles in my leg, my shoulder
The headaches from too much reading
Every good I do now
Built on a foundation of bad
That wobbles under the strain
But the pain is what keeps me
Showing up and putting out
It tells me I’m growing
That my posture is changing
When I lie in bed at night and everything creaks
I’m grateful
I’m still here
So that I can change


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