When is a writer not a Writer?

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When they are not writing. Today I finished the re-write I had tasked myself with on my novel JOHANNESBURG. Officially, as of today, my focus moves from that work and onto getting the book from here into publishing in some form.

This new phase will involve possibly an editor, hopefully an international agent, maybe a publisher, but definitely a book… maybe even as early as February 2015 if all goes smoothly, and depending on which option I exercise.

I first started working on JOHANNESBURG after a discussion on the way home from Oppikoppi with Bill Botes and Therese Owen in 2009…? Maybe. I spoke of my desire to write a book that covered the underbelly of JHB: the faces that never seem to get covered in mainstream media or other novels.

What's outside the window today
What’s outside the window today

From there, the thinking moved to it being a graphic novel. The actual novel came about when I realised that, unless you are co-creating with an illustrator/artist, there needs to be a novel FIRST, and a graphic novel later.

From about a year after that conversation, I spent another year doing research, plotting out my ideas for characters and planning a structure and some kind of progression for the action… Then it took about 18 months to get the body down. Then I walked away from it for 6 months while Marc Pienaar subbed it and I got some feedback from publishers and friends. Then came the integration of all that feedback, then the re-write I have just finished.

Now it’s Friday. A few hours of teaching, a movie, some jamming music with a friend, a braai and some beer. Will re-engage brain next week. That is all. Thank you for coming along for the ride so far!

  1. Sue

    I’m excited already. Can’t wait to read it!

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