Why Are You Doing This Again?

Depending on WHAT exactly you are working on, you’ve probably run into this question more than once. In some forms of writing more than others!

writingtoolsWhenever it happens it is a good idea to actually remind yourself of why.
1) Being aware of your REAL motivation to write will get you over creative slumps ( so will this blog from earlier)
2) Connecting with purpose is inspiring and energising
3) It’s good to lift your head and look at the far horizon occasionally. If you keep your head down in the day-to-day too much, you lose track of yourself and what you are doing

The implication of this is that you need to KNOW what your motivations really are. With writing it’s easy to get distracted by superficial motivations. I call them superficial because, once you get past the cool stuff like telling everyone you’re a writer, banging out the first few bits and pieces, the going can get really tough and most of these reasons evaporate.

Reasons like being cool, seeing it as a stepping stone, thinking you’re going to get rich, thinking you’re going to become famous are all superficial reasons. When you realise the hard work that goes into just staying a writer, most of these will crumble, leaving you with NO reason to do what you’re doing.

Maybe that’s good, maybe you shouldn’t be making being a writer your sole focus. Pay attention to that answer if that is what you get. You’ll save yourself an entire country of heartache, blood, sweat and tears.

Purpose signThe kind of reasons that will keep you going through the long dark tea times of the soul as a writer can include:

  1. The need to tell a specific, compelling story
  2. Helping people by sharing important information
  3. Fulfilling the life-long dream of writing and being a writer
  4. Changing the world with your ideas

There is no judgement if you don’t have these big reasons. It’s just that, generally, if you don’t, keeping going will get hard sooner rather than later. It seems there has to be a BIG reason pushing us along. Realising the dream requires sacrificing some comfortable spaces. Human beings generally do not like to do that, so we avoid work or situations which require it. Writing will require you to embrace it.

So, now, before the going gets tough, ask yourself:
Why am I doing this again?

And ask yourself again in a couple of months’ time.
Track your answers over time.
You might be surprised at how they change until one day they don’t.
Then you’ve hit the diamond bed rock, then you know WHY.

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