Why me? Why Not?

I followed Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle to discover the WHY that sat behind what I do. I realised my big why is because I want to change the world. I don’t like the way the world works. I think it is unfair, vicious and unnecessarily wasteful.

Writing that down, ‘I want to change the world’ was a huge moment for me. ‘Really?’ went my internal critic, ‘And who are you to change the world? Who do You think you are?’ To be fair, my internal critic is not alone, I get a similar reaction for other human beings too.

Why me? What do I think I have that is so special?

The answer is really simple. I don’t think I have anything special, but I still try and change the world regardless. I mean, why not me? If not me, then who?

Why me? is one of the questions that allow good men to do nothing while evil deeds are done. Why me? is the question of someone who doesn’t want to act. I no longer care that people don’t take me seriously enough to think I could have some impact on the world.

We tend to think of changing the world as achieving some kind of global revolution. An extreme, polarised view that is obviously impossible and therefore obscures the good that individuals can do.

Change Today

Today, I can change how someone views their skill set, their dreams, their actions. Today I can share information to help someone solve a problem. Today I can make the people around me happier, more effective, more creative.

The question is not, ‘Why me?’, it is, ‘Why NOT me?’ Why should you and I not be on the list of people who can make the world a better place? Of course we can. All we have to do is start. To decide and then to act.

Look around you at the ills you witness. Identify where you can make an impact and do it. Volunteer to give extra lessons, give some extra money, lend your labour to a cause, but DO something.

Because the only person who can change the world is me.

And you. And you. And you. And you.

And you….

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