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Why Showering Gives You Great Ideas

Why Showering Gives You Great Ideas

Warm, Peaceful, Happy

The Creative Mind State

What neuroscience has revealed is that, whether you are solving a business problem, improvising jazz, playing chess, or writing a poem, your brain is in the same state: the creative mind state.

1) Mental quiet

The simplest thoughts fire hundreds of thousands of neurons. The ‘aha moment’ when you have an insight, solve a problem, or come up with a new idea, only fires off a few thousand. If your mind is busy, thinking, plotting, worry, scheming, there is a very good chance you will simply miss that moment of insight.

2) Inward looking

To have this mental quiet, you must be inward-looking. Not reference the outside world, what people will think, what the effects of your thoughts or actions might be. Just be busy with your own stuff.

3) Slightly happy

OK, so you don’t have to be swinging from the chandeliers, but you need to be in a positive frame of mind, upward-looking, not downward

4) Not trying too hard

When you try too hard, you think a lot, you look outwards, you experience stress, you’re not happy anymore. Boom. No creative thought. Your thinking must be effortless, it must flow.

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