Win A copy of 1,2,1,2 With King Pie

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King Pie is giving away 12 free copies of the music industry beginners guide book ‘1, 2, 1, 2: A Step By Step Guide To The S A Music Industry.”

All you have to do is head along to the King Pie Rock Star Rule s channel on you tube at: and watch the video lesson posted every Thursday. This weeks rule is now live at: .
At the end of each lesson is a question. Figure out the answer and email it to: to see if you have won a book for your week of entry. Competition runs until 1st week of June 2011!

Hosted by author and music industry professional David Chislett, the King Pie Rock Star Rules is a series of short video’s on the popular YouTube Channel. These videos are designed to talk young artists and managers through the very essential basics on the music business.

“For me, this is just another way to get the information in my book out to the people who need it,” says Chislett of the video series, “The webisodes are pretty funny in places, but it’s all real information. Just don’t expect the Tonight Show with Jay Leno!”

Divided into 12 parts, the “King Pie Rock Star Rules” will come out once a week for 12 weeks. Each lesson is a distillation of the ideas contained in more detail in Chislett’s book, “1,2,1,2: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry”. Each week, viewers get to learn one crucial rule for being a South African ‘Rock Star’, as explained by author David Chislett.

So if you are aspiring to get into South Africa’s music business, these videos will give you a good platform of ideas to work from. And if you get lucky, you could win yourself one of those copies of 1,2,1,2.

Go on, log on, have a laugh, enter the competition, you never know!

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