Wish Me Luck As I Wave You Goodbye…

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2011 is dying a slow twitching death before me, reflected in declining email traffic, increasing Facebook spamming and the relentless new summer rainfall pattern in Joburg known as Cape Town winter rain.

Last week I met the first person who has had a good 2011. Weird thing is it’s not like we’re all saying it was bad. Just hard, really hard and financially punishing. I’ve pretty much hit the off switch already. It’s cheaper to batten down the hatches until mid January now than to continue to chase leads which seem to be slipping perpetually from my reach as promises get broken and expectations shift.

On a practical front though, it has been a good year. I toured SA flat with my workshops, to a uniformly warm and appreciative reception. And finally found unit standard so soon I will be able to add legitimacy and accreditation to those courses. The book has been selling well too. Thank you all of you! I am getting close to being forced to think about a 2nd edition, re-print or what have you.

On other book news, my debut short story anthology, A Body Remembered is being translated into an e-book with illustrations by Chris ‘Manik’ Moon and will be available online this year still… watch this space!

I also started doing “How To Get Published” workshops with Allaboutwriting, which have also been well received and gone well. I have done my first few public speaking gigs as well and got rolling as a business training facilitator. All in all, lots of good stuff. It s a pity then that in between that I have had to deal with poor payment records, broken promises and half arsed attempts at cooperation as well.

But no matter! What is really exiting is the series of guest writers I have got appearing on this blog, check them out! Nice SA names as well as some internationals, I am loving it and I hope you are too… last one for 2011 is Kate White and she goes up on Monday… but I’ll kick that off again in mid January and I have some big names still to come!

Plans for 2012 include publishing my poetry anthology, completing the first draft of my novel, upping the ante with the public speaking, taking the music education stuff to a new level and travelling… Africa and the rest of the world. Oh and I will be writing a bunch of music thanks to uber teacher Martin Scholfield of Wonderboom! Of course all will be faithfully reported here, so keep coming and don’t be scared to chat, that’s what the comments section is for!

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  1. Loudine

    Nice one David, sounds like you have a had a pretty full and exceptionally productive year! Good work and all of the best for another one just like it in 2012! <3

  2. Chantal Dawtrey

    Yes, the year is shuddering to a wet and windy end. Well maybe only today. It’s a welcome respite from the heat waves that intersperse these “Cape winter” rains – what is it with the cold? Cape Town keep it please! I thoroughly enjoyed your “How to get published” workshop. I have some suggestions for you on how to make them even more engaging and fulfilling. The first would be to have a feedback form for all participants to complete! Have a great break!

  3. andy crouch

    nice 1 Dave, all the best for 2012!

  4. how to get published

    Keep on writing, best wishes!

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