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For a workaholic control freak, I have had the weirdest year.

Basically up until end of April, I had no work at all, other than the most incidental and unremarkable. Then for May, June and July I was passably busy. It was Monday 2 august that I worked my first full day of the year, as in at least 9 hours (well it was 12 as it turned out!) And now there seems to be no let up.

I had dubbed the year, “The Year Of Living Quietly” until a friend pointed out that the year was not over and to jinx it already with such a name might not be such a good idea. I listened. And I am glad I did. I LIKE to work! And I love what I am currently working on.

In the past, the New Year lull has lasted as late as April, but never before until August. I suspect it has much to do with the fact that, for the first time in my self employed history, I was not broke at the beginning of the year. And that there was a global recession. Oh yes, and that little thing known as the 2010 world Cup (am I allowed to say that now?)

Oh, and let me explain that when I say work, I mean stuff I am being paid for. I was plenty busy up until August. Mainly with really long range stuff that will maybe start earning me money towards the end of the year and into the next decade. But that doesn’t buy the cat food. Or put beer into my belly.

So, the ¾ year of living quietly has come and gone, and I have my nose to the grindstone in ferocious fashion as I self publish my music industry text book (more on that very soon), finalise my poetry anthology, complete a plain English project, write freelance articles and present workshops and work on the Punk IN Africa project…

Am I boasting? Maybe. I just love my life. Such interesting stuff to do. I mainly feel I am just expressing my delight! This last quarter is delivering a mother load of goodies, more than enough to make up for the preceding 3!

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