Wren Sings Fairies

Wren Sings Fairies

Michelle actually created this little Wren a while back... and I wrote a poem for it. But when this book was coming to life, we went back and revisited the idea, and so this beautiful origin video of the drawing with the voice-over of the poem was born.

You can find out more about Michelle on her own site here: https://michelleshoreillustration.co.uk/

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You can listen to the poem and watch the video and read the text:

Wren Sings Fairies

Out the mist, over the wire

Song tumbles into my ear

Going somewhere else it seems

Quite startled

To find a home in my head

It kickstarts a dream

A half-remembered world

When magic and beauty were all around

My memory plays tricks

Blending now into its mix

Lost in this never-ending mist

I see a small bird singing

In the moment trapped

I stand, listen

Until the moment, the mist, the bird and its song

Are gone.


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