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In a digital world, good writing has never been so important. You need it to stand out from the crowd, grab and hold attention, optimise your visibility on search engines, project a professional aura and communicate in a clear and easy to understand way. The Write Better sessions are aimed at helping understand their writing and improve it, no matter the goal.

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1) Professional Writing Skills

Many people struggle to make themselves clear in written communication. By analysing the standard grammar of written English, these sessions break it down into easily digestible chunks. They also move on to look at issues of clarity, style, punctuation, content ordering and layout.Topics covered include:• Syntax (word order)• Paragraphs• Headings• Information Prioritisation• Style considerations• Clarity (removing wordiness)

2) Content development (blogging/articles/press releases)

Answers the questions of where and how to get started, when to stop and what should it look or feel like. This session will help all levels of writers with writing in shorter, more effective formats for the 21st century.Topics covered include:• Inspiration• Publishing/Scheduling• Syntax (word order)• Voice (tone) • Paragraphs• Vocabulary (tagging/headings/bolding)• Information Prioritisation• Style considerations

3) Creative writing

What does it mean to write creatively? These sessions look at different forms (poetry, short fiction, novels, non-fiction, essays) and how to decide what is for you. They also help solve problems with follow through, planning and motivation by sharing tricks and tips from experienced writers and the trade.Topics covered include:• The beginning• Writer’s Block• Writing vs editing• Planning/routine• Authenticity• Language and style

4) Plan Your Book

If you have a book in your head but have no idea how to get it written down, or you’ve actually written a book but don’t know what to do next – read this. I offer a wide range of solutions to help you get that book out of your system:

Everything from 1-on-1 consulting sessions, creative development workshops, narrative feedback and reporting and group workshops for writers that address these very issues. I can help you sort out your thoughts in order to write and help you to get started on the journey of getting published as well.

Contact me so that we can discuss the range and scope of your project and discover what solution best suits your needs.

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