Yes, you’re going to have to re-write it (everyone does)

This piece had to come after my previous post. It sucks balls, but it is so true. And logically speaking, we all KNOW it’s true. It’s just that, man, getting it all down was such hard work anyway, wasn’t it?

Why do I say logically we all know that re-writing is inevitable? Well, because every single writer I know is insecure. Therefore, their first and primary worry is that nothing they do will be good enough right? Therefore, everything will need to be re-written and corrected and fine tuned, right?

real me versions
How much more can I tell you without your yawning?

Weirdly enough though, for many writers the insecurity they experience about their writing doesn’t extend to the fallibility of their first draft. Is this arrogance or ignorance? Politely, I will fall on the side of ignorance, although, as mentioned above, logic would dictate that it is arrogance.

There is something achingly sweet and romantic about this notion that many writers have that how they first wrote something is the best, perfect and complete expression of the thought they had. As if it is a mist that, under the heat of scrutiny or adjustment, will dissipate into the day light, never to be seen again.

But when your fingers are typing your last thought, and your mind is already onto the next two or three, accidents happen. When you re-read your own work, it is all too easy to see what you MEANT and not what you actually WROTE. It is also far, far too easy to see only things through the lens of your own experiences, beliefs and intentions and not accept that others may read the exact same words and extract very different messages. If you have a specific message, your language needs to be so accurate that you reduce possible mis-interpretations… and that is really not easy. Tin fact, it’s quite a kill to pull off while your brain is 3 sentences ahead of your hands.

So, accept it, suck it up and agree like a good writer. You’re going to have to re-write
And it’s in your benefit
Accept guidance.
Maybe when you’ve got a few projects under your belt, you’ll be better at it all.

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