Ideate… Innovate

Creating Value

Applied Creativity is all about taking simple creative skills and secrets and applying them to add value to day-to-day life and business. Through speaking, personal training, and interactive workshops, I help people improve their problem solving skills and discover new ways of adding value to everything they do. My approach is creative, yet practical and systematic (with some good humor thrown in.) You get simple tools and methods you can actually use in your personal and professional life.

Ideation Training for Individuals

Everyone can form new ideas and problem solve. I can help you tap into the resources within and gain the ability to access them at will.

Ideation Workshops for Business

Learn the secret habits of renowned inventors and innovators and how to apply their thinking to your world. Useful for every business type.

Problem solving isn’t magic. It CAN be taught.

Ideation requires action and structure.

Live a happier life: create your own decisions

Change is important in this world.

Turn up the volume in your business: Unleash your inner rock star!