Rebel, Reject, Create!

Helping people create value by opening minds to new ways of thinking

Rules are there to mould behaviour. When you break the rules, you discover the new. Creativity is the antidote to a world that has become rigid and inflexible in its thinking. Burst out of those limitations with a more creative approach: reject the status quo and develop your own options. I help you question the unwritten rules you or your business follow and activate the potential of your creative mind. I share tools, methods, information and attitudes that will revolutionise your life.

For Individuals

Everyone can form new ideas and problem solve. I can help you tap into the resources within and gain the ability to access them at will.

For Teams

Learn the secret habits of renowned inventors and innovators and how to apply their thinking to your world. Useful for every business type.

Problem solving isn’t magic. It CAN be taught.

Ideation requires action and structure.

Live a happier life: create your own decisions

Change is important in this world.

Turn up the volume in your business: Unleash your inner rock star!