The Rebel, Reject, Create podcast is all about creativity: how it works, what you can do with it and how to get more of it.

Your host is me, David Chislett, and I interview working professionals who use creativity in their everyday work. Not necessarily artists but entrepreneurs, consultants, writer, trainers, coaches and business people.

The podcast has alternate episodes: The first is a 20-minue interview with a working professional who uses creativity in their work. The second is a reflection or deep dive episode on some of the core aspects of the previous conversation.

In this way, the podcast not only shares the personal stories of creativity of working creative people, but also unpacks the mechanics of HOW they do what they do and shares it with everyone listening.

In these fun, candid and unscripted conversations, my guests share their creative journeys and share how they do what they do. The focus is always on concrete take-aways, with advice and tips of what anyone can do to activate their creativity and simply DO more with it.

Now in Season2, Rebel, Reject, Create also aims to zoom in on how creativity can make this world a better place. If the only constant in life is change, how we deal with change is critical. Rebel, Reject, Create seeks to provide its listeners with a toolkit for navigating change by becoming better at ideation and problem-solving.

So, scoll down, join me and my guests and step out of your comfort zone into where the magic happens. All you have got to lose is your attachment to the way you USED to see the world!