Weapons of Mass Creation

Times of change require new skills, habits and methods. The Weapons of Mass creation showcases powerful creative thinking tools that work. Sometimes what we need to question is not the answers, but the questions themselves. This keynote looks at the ways we can adjust our approach to deliver different and new ideas to common challenges as well as disruptive innovation. Every keynote is tailored to answer the client’s key needs.

The Rock Star Rules

Forget the Voice. The stuff that real Rock stars do that makes them successful is not their singing. In fact, you won’t see it on stage or in their videos. These rules for success apply in any situation and reveal a complexity to the wild world of music that is hidden under the glitz and glam that we all associate with it. Forget about ‘Fake it til you make it,’ you’ve got to LIVE it! Every keynote is tailored to the client’s key needs.