Changing Behaviour

Before a new system, process of structure can work to drive change, people need to adapt and change their behaviour. But they’re not just going to do it, they need to feel it, to want it. And the team is one of the best places to do this. Get the dynamics right and the sky’s the limit. Empowering the individuals within teams to embrace change is a key task in any change process. Activating everyone’s inherent creativity is the key to driving behaviour change that lasts.

The Change Before The Change

Although everyone says they hate to change, humans are very good at it. But before we accept change, we have to decide we want it. The ability to visualise oneself in alternate future is not assured in everyone. Work sometimes needs to be done to prepare the ground for change, to establish how everyone feels about the change and what they see their role as within the process. If you leave this out, people often do not buy into the process at all.