About David Chislett

About Me

Born in Britain, raised in South Africa, resident in The Netherlands. Nowhere and Everywhere are home

I am a published author, poet, musician and artist. I have also been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. The link that joins everything in my life together is creativity,

By sharing what I know about this human capacity I aim to improve the world, one presentation at a time. I have been on stage in one capacity or another since 1980. I bring experience, research, humour and passionate energy to every presentation I do.

When I write a poem, I solve a problem: how to express a specific feeling in a way that will be recognised and empathised with. And every time I train, speak or coach, I aim to do the same thing: solve or help solve the problem that lies in front of my client.

I am forever curious, which leads me to always ask WHY… and HOW? As a result, my career has enabled me to join dots across many worlds.

In film, they say there are only 4 stories. In life, solutions from one sphere often work well in another. I believe we are all creative and that making creativity a skill in your armoury of tools will empower you to observe, analyse and make decisions.

My speaking is aimed at helping individuals, teams and companies get better at utilising, growing and improving their creative capacities because creativity will help us be the best versions of ourselves.

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