My Books

On this page, you will find the various books I have published over the years. As I continue to publish, this page will provide a comprehensive list of what is available where. Please click on the title you are interested in to find out how to get a copy.


Here you will find my fiction (poetry and short fiction) as well as non-fiction titles.

With All Of You

With All Of You is a collection of poems selected from the greater body of work that David Chislett published on over a 30-month period starting before the pandemic.

The 49 poems in this collection are edited, rewritten and polished versions of the original works published on the site.

‘I have been experimenting with social media or digital platforms and poetry since 2010,’ explains David of this latest book, ‘This book would not have been possible without the Patreon platform, the Patrons who have contributed to its existence and the live events that I often wrote poems for.’

eBook, AudioBook and Print-on-demand versions available from the link below.

View the multi-media collaboration versions HERE


The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox

The Entrepreneur’s Emotional Toolbox is now available exclusively from this website. Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur, or just thinking about going out on your own, this small book is jam packed with tips and tricks and useful strategies to keep you sane and healthy while making a success of your business idea.

This FREE downloadable book is for anyone who earns a living without holding down a full-time job contract. The Toolbox focuses on the human element of not holding down a job: what can you expect, what should you prepare for, how do you deal with being a self-starter every single day?

A Body Remembered

A Body Remembered is my debut collection of short stories, first published in August 2009.
The book contains fifteen stories that range from straight-out horror tales to curious slice of life vignettes from the underbelly of South African urban life.

“David Chislett’s short stories are quirky and off-beat. Gritty and rough-hewn, they are yet infused with a flickering lyricism. A Body Remembered gives us shards of experience; flashes of dark revelation.”
- David Medalie, 2008 Pringle Short Fiction Prize Winner.

For You Or Someone Like You

The poems in For You Or Someone Like You were drawn from an 18 month period when I was posting a poem a day on Facebook. None of the poems published on the site were re-worked or edited in any way, merely published straight from my imagination to Facebook. From nearly over four hundred poems, this collection of 90 was selected, edited and published.

Watch the video versions of ten musical collaborations HERE

Listen to the audio of the 10 song version HERE

ONE, TWO, ONE, TWO: A Step By Step Guide To The SA Music Industry

is a unique guide booked aimed at NEW bands, musicians and managers who do not as yet have affirm grasp of the sub divisions, complexities and pitfalls of the modern music business in South Africa.

It takes the very, very beginning basics of what a band needs from the point of view of equipment, attitude, marketing, and blends it with practical advice, anecdotal back-up and illustrations to provide a guide to help new musicians get themselves going in this competitive environment. Ideal for absolute beginners as well as professionals, it is a text that is aimed at helping musicians of ALL genres develop their careers in such a way that they are geared for success from their very first steps into the public eye and BEFORE!