David Chislett

Learn the secrets of superstars and how to apply their thinking to your world.

Through speaking, personal training, and interactive workshops, I help people tap into their ability to create and discover new ways of working. My approach is creative, yet practical and systematic (with some good humor thrown in.) You get simple tools and methods to use in your personal and professional life.


Why Applied Creativity?

People today need to be able to adapt to keep up with change.

Mostly this means being able to reliably make new connections, solve problems and come up with new ideas.  My clients benefit from my experience as a creative entrepreneur and from decades of neuroscientific and psychological research. 

My experience with poetry, blogging, acting, performing, band management, TV and documentary production as well as journalism provides real experience and concrete examples that clients can easily adapt.

Creativity vs Business

Creativity is not Art. Art is but ONE product of creative thinking. Innovation, problem solving and ideas are other products.

Most people are not aware of the process they use to solve problem and come up with ideas.

Clients develop an understanding of all the factors that support creative thought and learn how to manage their own time and their work space to become better at their work and projects.

Each session provides concrete tools, researched information and proven methods that support innovation, ideation and problem solving

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How does this help?

Diverse and flexible thinking allows humans to react in many complex ways to challenges. However, traditional schooling, business silo’s and global culture all serve to make our thinking uniform.

Creative thinking is the antidote to group think, boring greyness and innovation extinguishing bureaucracy. Forget thinking about cultural fit, think about having the resources to re-write tomorrow.

What clients say

The information, content, discussions and exercises gave me specific ideas and strategies to move my business forward in a more effective and innovative way. I actually had an important “AHA moment” during the workshop. – Beth Farris (Marketing Strategist)

 David’s presentation style is very clear, humorous, and interactive. He is a genuine storyteller, extremely well researched, and does a great job keeping you engaged! – Lara Wilkens (Event Producer)

 David grabbed the audience at the first second as the true storyteller he is and didn’t let us go before imprinting his main message into our hearts and minds: everyone can learn to be creative: it’s a process, not a gift.  – Steven Lips (Amsterdam American Business Club)