My Services

I offer a diverse range of training solutions. Please contact me directly for a personalised quotation.

I am a published author and journalist with many years experience. As a result I can offer a range of writing and training solutions to you. I am available on a contract, hourly or daily basis to create content as a journalist, ghost writer, speech writer, script writer, corporate communications writer.


Business options
1. Activate Your Creativity
Innovation is the lifeblood of a fast paced modern business in our changing world. Learn how to unleash your creativity in your business to remain competitive and innovative for competitive advantage.

2. Public Speaking
1-on-1 coaching to give anyone the skills and confidence to speak in front of groups for any occasion.

3. Business Writing
Thanks to digital communications, writing has never been as important as it is today. Learn how to write more effectively and clearly and improve your overall written communications skills. Either 1-on-1 or groups

4. Lessons From The Music Business
The music industry was nearly wiped out by changes brought about by technology, new business models and public apathy. But it is still here. All Businesses can learn a lot from its survival.

5. Business English
English ash become the international language of business. Improve your professional English with groups, 1-on-1 training or coaching.

Artist Workshop Options
1. Social Media for Artists
Everyone says you have to do it. But it takes time and energy.
A class of hints, tips, strategies and tools to help any poet/artist work with social media better

2. Plan For Success
So you’re doing well but what next? Most writers think it’s basically luck which gets them ahead. In business there is a saying: If you don’t plan for your success, then you plan to fail

3. Your Art Is Your Business
Simple, easy to do ideas for treating the business side of your art better. Attitudes and tools to adopt to help grow your artistic career.

4. Fly Blue, Don’t Train Spot
How following trends and fashions can lead to your long-term failure. Lessons for business strategy and the music industry to help you achieve a long, fulfilling artistic career.

5. Marketing yourself as an independent
Until you get really famous, being heard in a busy market place is always a challenge. This is a basic tool kit to help you cut through that clutter. Whether you do it, or someone else does it, as an artist, you need to know what is involved.

Writers Workshops
1. Dealing With Publishers
A look at the current state of publishing and how to cope. Strategies and tips on how to find, approach and deal with publishers.

2. Basic intro to Creative writing: where does it come from?
Ideas and exercises to get you up and moving when you are stuck, or started if you’ve never been able to get started.

3. Planning a book… some structural tips
Looking to write something longer than poetry? How to go about planning, structuring and thinking about writing a book.

Live Performance
1. Poetry Journey
A 1 hour show of poetry reading, music and story telling that tracks David Chislett’s travels, the conception and publishing of his poetry book and more.

2. Readings
A range of options on poetry readings from For You Or Someone Like You, David’s debut poetry collection.

3. Music
30 minute to 1 hour set of original music with acoustic guitar and voice.

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