Cat Herding And Other Exploits

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One of the guys working here at the country pub where I am living and working has also managed bands. As a result we’ve had some interesting conversations.   I decided to stop managing bands after working with The Hellphones until about 2005. But over the years I have worked … Read More

The Transition To Digital

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One of the key factors to my ability to stay alive in the last decade or so has been my facility and familiarity with digital mediums and my digital footprint which I have accrued over time. Miraculously, in our digital age, very few writers, publicists and PR companies, it seems, … Read More

Thanks For The Music Psycho Simon

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By the time I hit my teens, I had already discovered so-called alternative music and culture through my siblings and my friends. But we were a bunch of alien outcasts in a grey conformist world that sneered at our black clothes, obscure lyrics and tiny, specialist record stores. Then, as … Read More

The Birth Of Prose

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While my most recent publication has been of poetry, this represents a recent return to the form as explained in my previous blog. However, my step INTO prose was as unprecedented as this poetry book no doubt seems to some. At the end of 1986 my father was transferred from … Read More

The Wanderer pt1

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2013 for me has so far fallen into pretty neat segments of time where very distinct things happened… and it looks like this is set to continue til the end. * Part 1: Holiday! Spent all of January and most of February goofing off in various ways and places. Awesome. … Read More

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