You Don’t Have To Be Creative To Be Creative

You can’t paint, dance, act, write poetry or play music. Luckily, you don’t have to be creative to be creative. Because what you can do is solve problems. Take small details and weld them together into answers. You do this by being creative. Not by practising art. And we are all problem solvers. That’s just […]

Don’t Fear New Stuff

Fear equals False Evidence Appearing Real. You’ve seen this on social media and it probably comes off as a trite trope. But it holds a truth You don’t have to fear new stuff. Typically, what we fear has not yet happened. We are scared it will. IN that sense, it is not real… sure we […]

Question Everything!

WHY? It’s amazing how we blindly accept so much, depending on how much authority we attribute to the source. We are herd animals, authority hands down guidelines that are supposed to be beneficial to us, so we don’t quibble. We follow. We just don’t question everything. But what happens when the heard is heading into […]

Creativity Rules

You were born creative. What you weren’t born with were ninja-level skills. So, you could solve problems from birth, which is how you learned to walk, eat and speak. But those skills took time, effort and repetition to master. Creativity Rules can change that. THAT’s why you aren’t the next Picasso, Jimi Hendrix or Richard […]

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