Don’t Fear New Stuff

Fear equals False Evidence Appearing Real. You’ve seen this on social media and it probably comes off as a trite trope. But it holds a truth You don’t have to fear new stuff.

Typically, what we fear has not yet happened. We are scared it will. IN that sense, it is not real… sure we may fear the next example of a pattern occurring that has been repeated several times before, but the actual occurrence remains theoretical until it happens.

In other words, fear is a product of our imagination… it is a fantasy scenario which we then react to as if it is real. We avoid things, we modify our behaviour, we withdraw. Quite often these are sensible, life-preserving reactions that keep us in one piece. It’s not that I think we shouldn’t feel fear.

But what it does do is illustrate very clearly how our brains can change our behaviour. How what we think affects our experience of reality. What a pity that we utilise so much in negative situations: a bad thing is going to happen, I must change my behaviour

(This video is an extract from The Mavericks Of Mass Creation conversation with Judith Germain)

Why do we hardly ever think: A good thing could happen IF I change my behaviour? The bad things that Fear saves us from seem very certain to us, why do we feel so uncertain about the good things?

Mostly because we do not believe we have any control over the world. It happens to us, and it is up to us to react. There is no sense of proactive influence over what happens next. Except that there is evidence: fear keeps us alive. By feeling and reacting to fear we avoid the inevitable.

So, let’s use that amazing capacity to influence outcomes by insisting that good thing are inevitable and starting to act in ways that put us IN the path of those good things. Just flip the script. We’re pulling this amazing switcheroo off anyway with fear and bad things, why can’t we do it the other way round?

The huge problem with fear and the inevitability of bad things is that it disempowers us. We feel no sense of control over our immediate destiny. We submit to the status quo, to the powers that be. In short, we are well trained in staying within the lines and just doing our best to survive inevitable bad stuff.

We don’t need to fear new stuff. New stuff is the fuel of change and growth. If we stopped fearing it and slowed down enough to examine it for opportunities, not only would we experience more stress, but we would also experience better outcomes, feel more in control of our destiny and have a positive influence on that destiny.

What I am saying doesn’t even have to be entirely true… because how we think and feel DOES influence how we experience reality. So even if you can only change the fear a little bit, your experience will change… Why wouldn’t we ALL be interested in doing that?

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