Be More Creative

Be More Creative on YouTube

Why You Should Be More Creative Be More Creative is a microlearning video series hosted in YouTube. It demystifies the creative process in 16 bite-sized videos to help anyone get better at problem solving, ideation, innovation and adapting to change. HOW to be More Creative In the series, I take you through some basic yet […]

Apply The 4Ps of Creativity

A P For Every Situation Creativity is difficult to define and there are plenty of arguments about its best definition. Which is what Led American psychologist Mel Rhodes to seek to bring all the various definitions together into one, comprehensive definition. Like everyone before him he found this next to impossible to achieve. BUT what […]

Unblock Writer’s Block

Unblock Your Writer’s Block As a writer, I sometimes don’t think about how I deal with blockages or getting stuck. It was only when asked to present a workshop on the subject that I stopped to really think about it. The result was this book, Unblock Writer’s Block. In it, I combine my experiences with […]

Rebel, Reject, Create Now On All Podcast Platforms!

Wherever you Enjoy Podcasts After one full season of the Rebel, Reject, Create podcast on YouTube, I decided to branch out! To do this, I made 2 big changes:ONE: The podcast is now available on Youtube as a video podcast AND on multiple podcast platforms as a traditional, audio-only podcast. TWO: For the podcast platforms […]

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